Discover the Thrills of Oneonta Sports Park in Otsego County

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Otsego County, New York, Oneonta Sports Park is a haven for sports enthusiasts and families alike. Offering a variety of exciting activities, this sprawling recreational facility invites you to immerse yourself in the thrill of sports and leisure. Whether you’re an avid golfer, a soccer fanatic, or just looking for a day of family fun, Oneonta Sports Park has something for everyone.

Perfect for Families and Kids

Oneonta Sports Park is the perfect destination for families and children yearning for a day brimming with outdoor excitement. The expansive, meticulously tended grounds create a secure and inviting haven for youngsters. Here, parents can breathe easy, knowing their little ones are entertained and immersed in wholesome and active play. 

The park’s thoughtful selection of various sports activities, tailored to different age groups, ensures that every family member finds their perfect niche within the range of recreational offerings. This commitment to creating a family-friendly atmosphere makes Oneonta Sports Park an unparalleled choice for those seeking to create lasting memories through nature and active play.

Play a Round of Golf

The 18-hole mini-golf course at Oneonta Sports Park is a must-try for those seeking a leisurely yet competitive activity. This uniquely designed course challenges players of all skill levels, making it perfect for families and friends to enjoy together. As you navigate the rolling greens and cleverly designed obstacles, you’ll find that every hole presents a new and exciting challenge.

Additionally, golf enthusiasts can test their skills on the 9-hole golf course, featuring a unique twist with 18 different tee boxes that ensure each game unfolds as a unique and thrilling experience. 

Explore the Multi-Sport Course

Oneonta Sports Park takes sports diversity to a new level with its multi-sport course. Disc golf enthusiasts can aim for the perfect throw on the challenging disc golf course, while soccer lovers can showcase their skills on the foot golf course, blending the finesse of golf with the excitement of soccer. 

If football is more your style, try your hand (or rather, your foot) at football golf, an innovative fusion of two beloved sports. The multi-sport course ensures there’s never a dull moment, with options to suit every taste.

Take an Adventure on the Driving Range

For golf enthusiasts seeking to elevate their game, Oneonta Sports Park opens the gateway to a world-class experience with its top-notch driving range. Nestled within the park’s expansive grounds, this facility is a golfer’s haven, providing the perfect setting to refine your swing or relish a serene day surrounded by lush greens.

Spanning an impressive 300 yards, Oneonta Sports Park’s driving range is a testament to the commitment to excellence that defines the park’s recreational offerings. The spacious area invites golfers of all skill levels to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of focused practice and improvement. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer fine-tuning your technique or a novice eager to take off on a golfing adventure, the driving range offers a tailored experience for every visitor.

Take Advantage of Free Equipment Rentals

At Oneonta Sports Park, the commitment to making sports accessible extends to offering free equipment rentals. Forget the hassle of lugging around your gear or the expense of purchasing equipment for a one-time activity. The park provides complimentary rentals for a variety of sports, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate without any barriers. This thoughtful gesture adds to Oneonta Sports Park’s inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

Oneonta Sports Park in Otsego County is a haven for sports enthusiasts and families seeking outdoor fun. From mini golf and multi-sport courses to driving ranges and free equipment rentals, the park offers a diverse range of activities for everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out this incredible facility if you’re visiting upstate New York! 

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